Thursday, February 19, 2015

Longing for Spring?

I can hardly wait.

And I live on the Gulf Coast.
A mile from the beach.....
It's just too doggone cold!

I did see a bluebird on my back patio this morning.
(pic from Pinterest)

So maybe Spring is right around the corner.
(I found this little rabbit on eBay)

However, it is warm in the Thrift shops!

The only thing wrong with Spring in the South
is it only last for a week.

And then,

It's hot as a jungle till Christmas...

I'm not really complaining...
I have a nice, warm, sunny corner
to craft in.

With my doxies at my feet,
Ms. Wilma, BamBam, and Dino

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Good morning 

Have you been crafting this week?

This has been a good winter for crafting, thrifting
baking, and reading.

Birds are singing outside my window,
they must think it's Spring.
Maybe they're just telling me 
Spring is on it's way.

I made this card using products
from Red Lead
and a vintage Old Maid card.

I do enjoy making tags
and paper crafting.

Do you de-stash and change
your craft room up often?

I found these Madonnas at the 
thrift store, they were so
dirty I almost put them back.
After a run thru the dishwasher
they look like new.

Baby Dino has really grown this winter.
He's a tough little scrapper. 

Unfortunately, it's been a good winter
for me to grow too!!
It's so hard to lose weight..

I hope everyone has a 
Happy Valentine 

from Dorothy and Ms.Wilma

Come join the party at
Happy Pink Saturday:

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine Swap

My pretty Valentine Swap package arrived today!
You amazed me, Marci!

My swap partner was Marci at

Look at this adorable sweetness!!

Cupids draw back your bow~
This pretty little cup holds a vintage hankie with 
pink M&M's which I would show you....
but I already ate them!

She even sewed a little bluebird!!
I love this!

A Doll!!
She spoke right to my heart,
she sent a dolly!
I can display her year-round in my doll room.

Thank you, Marci! 
You way outdid me girlfriend~

Happy Valentines Day 
And a special thanks to Viv 
for sponsoring this swap for us.